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frequently asked questions

What is core stability?
‘Core stability' means strength of the postural muscles close to the spine which function as an internal corset. A well-supported spine results in increased over-all strength, enables good posture and reduces back pain.

How can Pilates help my posture?
Poor posture indicates muscle imbalances, often a result of lifestyle or old injuries. Pilates looks at the body as a whole and uses corrective exercises to target these imbalances.

How can Pilates improve my fitness?
Pilates increases fitness by ensuring that all muscle systems are trained to respond well and work in a balanced way.

Clients will then have access to muscle strength and length and be able to improve the efficiency of the way their body functions. Many athletes and lay sportsmen use Pilates training to improve their performance be it in tennis, swimming, golf or running, because Pilates encourages optimal movement patterns.

What is the benefit of using Pilates equipment?
Pilates on equipment offers a greater variety of movements, and through the use of springs it is possible to alter the level of resistance to either challenge or support the client.

Back Pain and Injuries
Through the Pilates technique, specific problems can be addressed such as back pain, tension in neck and shoulder areas and knee injuries. The Pilates Place will communicate with your physician in order to ensure your training is safe and effective.

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Pilates and Pregnancy
Equipment-based Pilates is an ideal form of ante and postnatal exercise. During pregnancy a woman's centre of gravity shifts, often causing an increase in the curvature of the spine. She also produces a hormone called Relaxin that loosens her joints. The body has now lost some of its natural stability so it is important to compensate for this by increasing core stability.

Pilates can provide the tone and strength for the back, legs, buttocks and deep abdominal muscles required to cope better with the physiological changes during pregnancy. Pilates is also extremely successful in reconditioning the muscle tone of the pelvic floor and the deep abdominal muscles after birth.  

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